Where Does A Contact Centre Fit Within A Business’s Marketing Strategy?

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

It’s probably fair to assume that most business owners believe that their marketing strategy ultimately drives some major key performance indicators, and as such any contact centre at the heart of such a process should, in an ideal world, be capable of producing synergistic results.

Assuming then that a business may be looking to outsource its contact centre services, it important to look very closely at how responsive (or flexible) the service provider is prepared to be in the face of adversity or sudden increases in demand.

A great contact centre will know that a multichannel response to customer services isn’t just about cramming as many different contact methods together, but rather it is about knowing when and how to use each to its maximum point of effectiveness in a way that will best meet their customers’ needs. Examples might include revising call scripts to encompass changes in customer communications or even in marketing styles within a business.

Many contact centres will also set up and run split testing on campaigns and the resultant data can prove to be very useful when it comes to working out which call scripts really are the most effective.

Contact Centre Analytics

Contact centre analytics are a prerequisite when it comes to being able to identify customer service performance, in that decision makers get access to data such as response times and customer behavioural statistics which can prove invaluable when a business is looking to make efficiencies and perhaps further evolve its own marketing strategy.

Other analytics include data around call recordings, chat, email and social interactions, all of which will give direct insights as to how general communications and marketing messages are conveyed.

Multi Channel Contact Centre

Additionally, with such multi channel functionality, it is really essential that any customer relationship management (“or CRM “) system must be all encompassing, particularly given that any one single enquiry could easily span several communication channels at once. Furthermore, as social media can now be utilised either as a marketing tool or a customer services tool, a prospective external contact centre and existing in-house customer services department can integrate well.

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Stuart Auger | Midlands Co-operative Society