What Are Your Customers Expecting in 2017?

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

After welcoming in 2017, it is probably time to consider some of the new challenges and indeed opportunities that lie ahead in this ever-evolving digital era.

The term “Omnichannel” (i.e. contacting in this case customer services through different channels, i.e. social, web chat, email, phone) has been a key buzzword over the past few years, but 2017 is highly likely be the year in which a seamless customer experience is no longer something businesses can simply aspire to have.

Customer expectations are now such that they want to contact customer services through these various platforms without ever having to repeat information they have given out previously in relation to their query other than perhaps re-establishing their identity. For example, a query raised through social media may need to be escalated to a telephone call and then be continued using web chat or combinations thereof.

Whilst ease of communication is paramount to the consumer, access to these self-service solutions also can help customer services departments reduce their own workload thereby improving the overall customer services offering. As the “millennial generation” view contacting customer services as a last resort and may very well try to exhaust all methods of rectifying the problem themselves before doing so, it also makes sense to provide a detailed knowledge base or FAQ page on your company website, and then combine that with a web chat facility, click to call option and social media support to immeasurably improve their overall experience.

Other significant challenges highlighted in the media include data security which also remains a top priority for 2017. With potential fines for failing to prevent cyber-attacks and many end users/customers still wary of risks involved with digital payment methods, companies need to be seen to be taking every possible precaution in terms of their customers’ data security.

2017 also looks set to be the year in which Artificial Intelligence or “AI” is set to make more inroads into mainstream customer services departments meaning that “chatbots” and/or virtual assistants will start to become a greater part of everyday life.

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Stuart Auger | Midlands Co-operative Society