Webchat Tips from a Call Centre Services Provider

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Even for those businesses using call centre services, chances are that you haven’t had much experience with webchat in a customer services environment. If you are considering taking the plunge and adding a webchat facility into your company’s website, then here are a few pointers from the team here at mplcontact Sutton Coldfield.

The fact is that sometimes webchats can be tough to deal with.  In these cases, it is essential that the operator in question should be able to concentrate solely upon that interaction without distraction. To do that, your business needs to put a system in place so that a team leader can be alerted in order to prevent the operator concerned from being interrupted until such time as the situation is resolved to the satisfaction of all the parties involved.

Additionally, although it may appear tempting to have web chat agents working in various dispirit locations, as call centre services providers, we have found it can sometimes be more beneficial to have them grouped together. In that event, they can then assist each other as and when required and solve problems in a more efficient way. That way, they can use our cutting edge web solutions to great effect and remain flexible and customer facing at all times.

If the need arises to transfer the chat across to another agent who may be a specialist in a particular area that was not immediately apparent, this transfer should be seamless and an embedded process.

On another point entirely, operators will without doubt be called upon to handle multiple webchats simultaneously, and as this process can be intense, call centre services agents should be encouraged to take their planned breaks.

We would also add that if the volume of webchat begins to reach a very high level, then it may be a good time to take a thorough look at the way your website is laid out and the information that it contains is displayed. For example, are people asking questions about things that should be answered or displayed more clearly as frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) on your website?

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