Reasons To Use Contact Centre Services

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Why might your business use contact centre services? Well, mplcontact Sutton Coldfield is a full service contact centre in Birmingham and our customers outsource to us for a variety of reasons. Unpredictable variations in call volume, business expansion or maybe the desire to utilise new contact methods such as social media and online messaging services are just a few of the more common business problems that we can provide solutions for.

Open up a world of possibilities

Using an outsourced contact centre opens up a multitude of possibilities, often far in excess of what would normally be financially viable using an existing in-house team. Adding the ability to take or process orders or just provide customer services 24/7 offers up the opportunity to create increased revenue and potentially a superior customer experience.

Get your message out there and let us pick up the response

With mainstream media campaigns on radio or TV becoming more affordable, having  access to external overflow capacity at the “flick of a switch” delivers the ability to deal with high call volumes in a short time period and avoids the need to consider internal staffing changes and the costs associated with that.

Also, the popularity of social media and in particular the speed with which a simple problem can escalate online can break a company’s  reputation as quick as it can make it, so with that in mind, the addition of a simple help desk can even persuade the most disgruntled caller that your business is really there to help them.

We’re here to help…

For more ideas on the possibilities that using a contact centre can open up for you, call mplcontact Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham on 0800 0186009 today and we’ll do our best to help you expand your business.  Alternatively, just click HERE to enter your details and we will be delighted to hear from you.

Our Property Division manages such a diverse portfolio that no one call is ever the same. The mplcontact agents support our in-house team.

Stuart Auger | Midlands Co-operative Society