Outsourcing Customer Services in Birmingham

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

With so many contact centres out there it’s difficult to know how to choose the right one for your business. Financial and logistical issues aside, the whole point of outsourcing customer services is to give your customers a better experience, therefore it would make sense to put yourself in the customers shoes. The best way to find out how your customers calls will be handled is to become a customer yourself! Go through your potential choice of contact centre’s client list and make a call posing a question. Are you happy with the response you received? Is this the way you want your business to be represented?

If your happy with the telephone side of things, then it’s time to dig a little deeper with a web search. Let’s look for the contact centre’s clients online reviews. This will shed some light on consumers customer service experience, there will always be the odd bad review, but on the whole the positive should greatly outweigh the negative. Also it’s worth finding out when the client did actually start outsourcing to your potential provider, the bad reviews could have been from when the service was in house, so bear that in mind before jumping to conclusions.

After your undercover instigations it’s time to get down to some negotiations and work out how you can work together to provide a seamless solution for your customers. Some contact centres are fairly rigid in their service offerings, you will almost certainly require at least small adjustments to their usual way of doing things, but more often than not you will be looking for a bespoke solution, don’t forget you may be outsourcing but they will become your businesses customer services department, so how things run should be entirely your decision.

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Stuart Auger | Midlands Co-operative Society