mplcontact, Birmingham – Are Call Handling and Telephone Answering the Same Thing?

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Whilst it might appear at first glance that the terms “call handling” and “telephone answering” could be used interchangeably, we set out below some reasons why here at mplcontact we see them as two very different things.

Call handling, so much more than telephone answering

On the one hand, telephone answering is the simple act of greeting the caller, whereas call handling services centre on ensuring that a caller ultimately feels that any enquiry or problem has been fully resolved or appropriately escalated, all of which is designed to take place in such a way he or she feels that they are dealing with your own staff and not (as is the case) with our call handlers.

By using mutually agreed scripts which are designed to record the right information from callers, our data integrates seamlessly into our client’s systems which helps to ensure that an appropriate response is delivered time after time.

So, for those seeking an outsourced solution, it might be fair to say that equating telephone answering services with call handling services is a little like comparing apples with oranges. That said, we offer a full range of telephone answering services particularly for those clients who require a simplified overflow or out of hours service to help them to avoid the backlog that can result from enquiries that would otherwise remain unresolved until the next working day.

Do you need call handling services?

In short, our team of highly skilled call handlers deliver great results, so if you would like more information on how call handling services from mplcontact Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham can help your business, please click HERE to email us or alternatively, call 0121 362 7001 today.

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Stuart Auger | Midlands Co-operative Society