Mapping the customer journey

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

Sometimes, in order to truly understand the pros and cons of the customer journey, a business may need to step away from daily firefighting and revisit the bigger picture.

By reviewing the feedback and data generated from both customers and agents alike, a customer journey map which more accurately reflects the experience of dealing with your organisation should emerge. A business can then use that to identify and ultimately reduce or eliminate any ‘bumps in the road’ in order to improve the overall customer experience.

Challenges around the use of multiple communication channels 

With the multitude of contact channels now available, it’s important that the transition between those channels appear seamless. For example, a customer that has made contact through social media but then wants/needs to switch to a voice call, will not want to repeat everything when doing so. A professional inbound call centre can help with this to ensure that customer retention is always at the heart of any outsourced contact centre proposal.

Reducing or eliminating other “pain points”

Where they are used as a first point of contact, some interactive voice response (or IVR) systems can seemingly send users around in circles, so businesses need to ensure that this is not the case. Also, when transferring a call, live agents should be 100% certain they select the correct department in order to prevent the customer being passed around from “pillar to post”. 

Being kept on hold for even a short time and/or being cut off is one of the most infuriating things that a business can do to a customer. It is also important to eliminate the prospect of unanswered calls too. In the case of the latter, the original operator can always take the call back and offer alternate contact methods where appropriate.

Can we help your business?

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Stuart Auger | Midlands Co-operative Society