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Call Centre Services With Qudos…

mplcontact are delighted to announce that Qudos Marketing have selected them to capture the responses from their new media campaigns launching their latest range of consumer products.

From travel and personal accessories to garments to kitchenware, Qudos Marketing focus on direct channels to give their customers the best price.

Using their own contact management applications and Qudos Marketing’s back office system, mplcontact is providing 24/7 customer services to handle orders and general enquiries

An Outsourced Contact Centre

In a faltering global economy, thousands of businesses have been forced to downsize or even eliminate some of the front line services that helped them provide a superior level of customer service. In these cases, an outsourced contact centre such as mplcontact of Sutton Coldfield can ensure that no matter what time of day, business calls will never again go unanswered.

mplcontact provides short- and long-term call services to accommodate a wide variety of requirements. The firm’s professional team works closely with clients to ascertain their needs and develop a customized solution for customer service, brand building and contact management that’s available 24/7.

Businesses must be ready to address the needs of customers any time of the day or night and this outsourced contact centre offers a team of agents who are highly skilled and well trained in the art of customer service. Businesses only receive one opportunity to make a good impression and mplcontact is one outsourced contact centre that prides itself on representing its clients in a competent and professional manner.

As each business will obviously have its own needs and requirements, mplcontact provides a tailored solution for call handling and contact management, incorporating the rules, processes and protocols of its clients into any call handling to ensure that customer expectations are met and any solutions proffered to callers are clearly communicated.

Another feature of this outsourced contact centre is that it offers an”iAccess” service, which allows clients to track their account via a self-service access portal at any time of the day or night. iAccess maintains historical accounts, call recordings and real-time analysis, meaning that account updates are available immediately, allowing clients to monitor performance at will.

Additionally, each mplcontact team is supported by dedicated bureau agents so clients can be assured that calls will be dealt with in a prompt, efficient and professional manner at all times.

Put simply, mplcontact is an industry leader, providing clients with call handling support and management for a comprehensive range of needs. The firm offers top notch customised solutions for customer communications to assist those companies in branding, building reputations, and facilitating a superior level of customer service 24 hours a day.

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