Is a Virtual Reception the Answer?

Friday, July 30th, 2021

Whilst larger companies will often have a customer services department, in other instances where businesses do not have dedicated customer services representatives, the first point of contact for a prospect or customer will be with whoever happens to answer their call.

As an alternative, an outsourced virtual reception can prove to be an extremely cost-effective way for a business to enhance its customer service experience without incurring unnecessary expenditure and significant upfront costs.

Calls Are Always Answered

Utilising the services of a virtual receptionist ensures that calls are always answered as you would like them to be. Even where a receptionist is in evidence, the ability to divert calls during lunch breaks, annual leave, and sick days can prove to be very beneficial. Add in the option of an out of hours service running 24/7 and it’s easy to see why many businesses view their virtual reception service as a critical component.

Benefits of a Virtual Reception

Of course, all businesses need the phone to ring, especially as that next call may be a new customer on the other end of the line. 

Smaller businesses can find a virtual reception service especially helpful where otherwise they would be constantly ‘downing tools’ to answer a call given that this can really disrupt the current job at hand. By then choosing when your ‘receptionist’ updates you throughout the day, you and your team are kept up to date and can prioritise and return calls as and when appropriate.

Representing Your Business, Your Way

Your virtual reception team is not only trained to answer calls in a professional and courteous way but are also fully briefed on how you prefer calls to be handled, thus the service will be a seamless extension of your business. Answering phone calls in this way creates a great first impression and is a key element in the provision of first-class customer service which in turn improves customer retention.

In summary, operating a virtual receptionist is cost effective, flexible, and of course scaleable.

Virtual Reception, Birmingham

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