Including Customer Service in your Buying Decisions

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

It now seems we have comparison sites for just about everything “under the sun”. While it’s always great to know when we’re getting the best deal available, but perhaps we should start taking other things into account in our buying decisions?

Signing up with an energy, broadband or mobile phone company leaves us typically committed to them for one or maybe even two years. Once they have you contracted to them for the foreseeable future, it may not be a great incentive for them to provide you with top quality service!

To avoid frustration and resentment further down the line, once you’ve narrowed down the best deals from a price perspective, it may be worth taking a little more time to do some further research, particularly when it comes to larger purchases.

For example, find out how easy it is to contact them, using not just the phone but email and social media too and review how they handle complaints on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Do they engage with their customer or just leave any questions unanswered?

Although in the future, companies will be required to provide geographic numbers for customer service calls, it will still cost you money if you are kept in a seemingly never ending queue?

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Stuart Auger | Midlands Co-operative Society