How Can a Help Desk Improve Your Business?

Friday, May 21st, 2021

For businesses that already have one, a professional help desk system provides an invaluable service to customers, supplying technical and operational support when it is most needed. 

For the end user, having a friendly voice to help guide them through the solution to their query is often very much appreciated. In fact, providing it is properly utilised and resourced, such a help desk that provides quick and easy resolutions can really improve customer retention.

Quick resolution times together with outstanding customer service remain important factors in buying decisions and are vital components of customer loyalty, particularly given that it only takes one negative experience to lose a customer. 

So, is a Help Desk Also a Service Desk?

Whilst the terms help desk and service desk can be used interchangeably, to avoid any confusion it is always best to set out a business’s anticipated requirements in a detailed specification, as this means that any service level targets are well understood at the outset and can then be measured post- implementation too.

Other Help Desk Benefits

Of course, a help desk does not have to be just customer-facing. An internal help desk that also supports employees can help maintain productivity, reduce downtime, and improve employee morale, ensuring that they too feel valued and supported.

Furthermore, it is important to note that should an organisation chose to outsource this activity to a contact centre, it can potentially scale and grow its business without the need to hire additional personnel and thus maintain or even improve customer satisfaction levels very cost-effectively.

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