Exceeding Customer Expectations in an Ever-Changing World

Monday, September 23rd, 2019

There can be no doubt that technological advances have brought about many changes over the last 20 years, and inbound call centres, be they in house or outsourced, such as ourselves here at mplcontact Sutton Coldfield, have had to evolve too.

With much information now available at the fingertips of every smart phone owner, some callers can from time to time get a little impatient or frustrated when the help they are seeking is not instantaneously available.

Time is always a valuable commodity, but with so many calls now made to customer service departments outside of normal office hours, some customers may feel that they have a very small window to achieve the resolution they need.

Once call centre operatives determine that a call is time critical from a caller’s viewpoint, it’s best to firstly acknowledge that time is of the essence and then deal directly with the objective of their call. Whilst a great rapport can still be built in these situations, it’s clear that the caller needs to feel that their concerns are of paramount importance.

If a customer query requires more than a quick fix, rather than keeping the customer holding on the line, a call back can be arranged to allow for further information to be sourced and the problem resolved in the most efficient manner for both parties. Alternatively, should the caller prefer to hold, an expert inbound call centre operator will keep them updated throughout the call until an agreeable outcome is reached.

Whilst a frustrated caller is just one of many caller types that will often be encountered in a customer services scenario, developing strategies to deal with these different caller types is a vital part in creating a great customer experience. 

A professional inbound contact centre like ourselves here at mplcontact in Sutton Coldfield can really help your business provide the service your customers deserve. Call us today for a no obligation exploratory chat on 0121 362 7001 or alternatively just click HERE to contact our specialist team via the website.

Our Property Division manages such a diverse portfolio that no one call is ever the same. The mplcontact agents support our in-house team.

Stuart Auger | Midlands Co-operative Society