Customer Services for 2022

Monday, December 13th, 2021

Customer services and in particular, the essential part it plays in delivering a great overall customer experience is likely to remain as a key strategic focus for many businesses in the months ahead.

With data security always under constant review and the imminent arrival of the metaverse, what are the other ways in which the customer services arena will be further impacted?

Balancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the ‘Human Touch’

Whilst the use of chatbots has been shown to be an incredibly efficient way of responding to frequently asked questions, overall, consumers would still prefer real human interaction whenever possible. Consequently, as it progresses, balancing the efficiency of AI with the ongoing desire for this human intervention may prove to be a crucial component in customer retention.

Further Engagement Across Multiple Channels

As well as answering phone calls, customer services departments are increasingly accessed through digital channels too. Just providing the means to contact a company through social media, online chat and email are no longer enough. Instead, the ability to allow a single transaction to spread across these channels is key. 

For instance, a query may start with social interaction, continue to web chat, and end with a phone call, this sequence should be seamless without the customer having to start from the beginning at each point of contact. In short, a fully auditable omnichannel solution is likely to become the norm.

Enhancing the Mobile Experience

The mobile phone is now regarded as the complete digital communication hub. With more people accessing the internet through mobile devices than desktop computers, a ‘mobile first’ approach to web design and user interface must now take precedence. Mobile customer-led customer service will no doubt continue to increase over the coming year. 

Word of Mouth will be as Important as Ever

It has been noted elsewhere that that whilst customers with positive experiences will go on to share them with up to six others, dissatisfied customers may each share their own unpleasant experiences up to fifteen times! Consequently, it is easy to conclude that striving to improve customer satisfaction levels will continue to be a major factor in the continued growth of any successful business.

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