Customer Service Tips from Call Centre Professionals

Sunday, January 11th, 2015

Poor customer service is seemingly a common complaint these days. Of course, not every company neglects their customers in this way, with some even going the extra mile to foster better relationships. With the average customer demanding far more in terms of service level, any shortcomings in those customer services are bound to result in lost business.

While many companies have invested heavily in customer services and are reaping the rewards, some are still choosing to prioritise other areas. This could be a very dangerous strategy because with consumer loyalty seemingly a thing of the past, surveys have suggested that as many one in five people would be prepared to switch services as a result of poor and unresolved customer service.

With that in mind, what can companies do about it?

Well, given telephone operators are often the first point of contact, difficult or complex questions could be escalated sooner to a supervisor or manager, meaning that customers would face less time on hold. Regular training will mean that staff are better informed which is highly likely to result in speedier resolutions and consequently happier customers.

Another tactic would be to try and reach out to customers at the beginning of the relationship. This ensures that they are not experiencing any teething problems and that they are fully aware of any product or service features that may not be immediately obvious to them. In short, being attentive to the customer’s needs builds loyalty and trust.

It is very important to reward customer loyalty. While many companies go to great lengths to recruit new customers, many more fail to prioritise and cultivate long standing customer relationships. Alternatively, expediting any issues that customers encounter shows that you value their business.

When they do need to access help, contacting a customer helpline should be a very simple procedure, but in reality it is rarely so.

In the modern world, businesses should make full use of online services like social media, live chat, together with messaging services and email as not everyone will now want to call a customer helpline.

So why not implement some or all of the above strategies to make for a better customer experience.

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Stuart Auger | Midlands Co-operative Society