Could a Virtual PA Help Save Christmas?

Monday, December 14th, 2020

A nightmare before Christmas? Well, hopefully not! 

COVID-19 aside, there is no denying that planning call handling over any holiday period can be a managerial challenge, especially so for those businesses that need to remain open throughout the Christmas period. Additionally, for those that are self-employed and are the main point of contact, a balance always needs to be struck between the demands of the business itself and any impact that constant interruptions may have on peace, quiet, and of course family fun. 

Could a call handling service be the answer?

Even for those small business owners that are contemplating taking a few weeks off, the last thing that you need is for your mobile phone to be forever ringing to the annoyance of friends and family. In short, the almost instantaneous response made possible by today’s high-tech world can seriously erode downtime.

A Virtual PA to the rescue…

It is a tricky conundrum; whilst a smaller business may not find it cost effective to have staff waiting for calls to come in during quiet periods, they rarely want to risk missing valuable sales enquiries. 

Fortunately, though, there is a solution! 

Outsourcing your call handling and messaging to a Virtual PA service provider like mplcontact Sutton Coldfield can really help, especially during holidays and any busy periods.

Can an outsourced Virtual PA represent my business convincingly?

Our outsourced telephone answering service is very cost effective and you and your team can be safe in the knowledge that all enquiries will be dealt with professionally and courteously. Any potential clients will be unaware that they have reached a virtual receptionist given that we operate as if we are a seamless extension of your business. 

We will work with you and your team to learn all about your business, detailing the sort of questions your clients are likely to ask, and adopting your business’s approach. We can filter out and prioritise sales calls, escalate urgent matters, and help manage client expectations allowing you to take a break, safe in the knowledge that our professional, expert call handlers have you covered.

Overflow call handling

Where businesses already have plans in place for a skeleton staff to cover call handling over the Christmas break, it can still prove difficult should there be any unanticipated spikes in call volume. Utilising an overflow service such as ours will address this and can help improve the overall customer journey.

With all that in mind, if you or a member of your team would like to discover how our Virtual PA services could help your business, call one of our friendly experts in complete confidence on 0121 362 7001 or, alternatively, click HERE to use the online enquiry form on our website and we will be in touch.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a very safe and happy holiday season as well as a peaceful, prosperous, and of course a relatively COVID-19 free New Year!

Our Property Division manages such a diverse portfolio that no one call is ever the same. The mplcontact agents support our in-house team.

Stuart Auger | Midlands Co-operative Society