Case Studies

Centrick Property

Centrick Property was formed in 2005 with the aim of providing a more accessible and efficient service than existing property management companies. It would seem that their customers would agree that they have achieved their goal as Centrick Property has enjoyed growth averaging 30% in each of the previous five years, becoming a leading estate management company in the process, adding residential sales, plus letting and property management divisions along the way. Centrick Property is now responsible for managing client property assets of over half a billion pounds throughout the country.

Part of Centrick Property’s ethos is the care of tenants. Chairman James Ackrill is quick to realise that tenants have busy lives and as such they need their tenancies to run smoothly. Like any business in todays climate, Centrick Property needs to run efficiently, so great care has to be taken to balance provision of service to anticipated customer demand.

With the business growing rapidly both in terms of scale and complexity Centrick Property found themselves searching for a method of obtaining the correct customer service levels without imparting a negative impact upon their commitment to quality.

After an initial experience with a rival outsourced service provider, Centrick Property’s chairman, James Ackrill realised how essential it was that agents taking Centrick Property’s calls had proper knowledge of the business and their customers. James explained that when a CentrickĀ  Property customer calls it is invariably because they have a problem and need help, therefore it is essential that agents have all the necessary information available to provide a satisfactory response.

After previous discussions with mplcontact, Centrick Property had the realisation that the flexibility and scalability that mplcontact offers was an absolute fit to the requirements of their growing business.

mplcontact and Centrick Property worked together to build a comprehensive training programme for the agents, focusing upon the understanding of service requirements, brand value and activities. The result of which allows mplcontact to blend seamlessly in to their client’s core business.

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