Call Handling – Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

Professional call handling – when communication is paramount

As the telephone is a crucial business tool, call handling techniques are of paramount importance.Speak to the average person on the subject of call handling and they’ll be certain to tell you that being endlessly held in a queue whilst being informed robotically that “your call is important to us” or perhaps being subjected to a seemingly permanently engaged tone is one of the most infuriating things in modern life. Telephone answering with a human voice inspires trust and confidence from your customers.

From a prospective customer’s point of view, such practices can reflect very badly on a company’s image. By the time an operator gets around to speaking in person, it is little wonder that even the most mild mannered prospective customer has had enough and is demanding immediate answers!

One problem is that a company can find it difficult to predict the volume and the timing of calls that will come in. Call handling therefore can prove to be a difficult, if not impossible, beast to tame in-house without some major investment in extra staff who may only be required at peak times.

Outsource your call handling, because call volume can’t be predicted.

On the other hand, outsourcing your call handling can be an incredibly easy and affordable solution. Rather than keep customers on hold during peak periods, they can be simply re-routed to our call handling centre to be dealt with seamlessly by our staff who can be tasked to answer in your company’s name.

mplcontact can provide the solution to your businesses call handling problems. Call us today on 0800 018 6009 to find out how one of our custom made call handling packages can help keep your customers happy!