Call centre services – Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

So what is a call centre and how can call centre services help your business?

mplcontact’s call centre services allow our clients to handle a large volume of incoming telephone alongside their existing in house telephone answering facilities.

Estimating the volume of calls that a business will receive on an hourly or daily basis is virtually impossible, so in many cases setting staffing levels for call handling in peak periods is not financially viable or an efficient use of human resources. Outsourcing call centre services in their entirety or just during peak times is something that can be the ideal solution for a great many businesses.

Calls will be answered in your business name and no one will ever be aware that the telephone operative is not an employee of your company. Typically, customer satisfaction will be improved with less time spent on hold, and even where required, extended contact hours. Basic enquiries can be dealt with by our call centre services operatives, with more complex calls being usually re-routed to specific employees or departments, or messages taken when out of hours.

Call centre services aren’t limited to telephone calls

Call centre services are not limited to handling telephone calls, there are service levels available for dealing with inbound texts, emails and also to cover the monitoring of social media.

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